Hello friends!  Welcome to today’s short film on the life and adventure of starting my postdoctoral position at the University of British Columbia.  The excitement here is that I am recording this from Canada!  Part of my little transition has been to upgrade my technology to accommodate this fluid boundary in crossing across the Canadian/U.S. border more regularly; so, thanks to Mr. Alan Niles for introducing me to T-Mobile because…well…I should first say that I love CREDO.  For anybody who doesn’t know CREDO Mobile, they are amazing!  They are a Verizon-based cell phone company that gives 1 percent of its profits to progressive causes, and I have been a credo member for two years, and they have worked fantastically. Unfortunately, their fluidity across the border was a little cumbersome and so Alan introduced me to the T-Mobile plan that has this unlimited text/data/cell everything across Canada.  I could have done this live feed thng as I was going through customs at the border, but I am not quite jiggy with the whole phone/drive thing, so I wanted to pull over to do this.

As a side-story…it was kind of cute…I went into T-Mobile a couple of times as I was shopping around for a new cell phone plans and a new phone, the young bucks at T-Mobile got such a kick out of my hair.  They kept commenting on how great my (crazy) hair is.  On the day when I went in to finally got this phone, one of them said: “You know, you remind me of Trinity in the Matrix!” and I just had to laugh because as you know I like this short hair in part because it helps me to take myself less seriously in my mind’s eye when I look in the mirror. I still sort of see one of these beautiful chickens with fantastic plumage coming out of their head.  I think you know the kind that I’m talking about with plumage that covers the eyes and everything. That’s my self image; a chicken with fantastic hair.  But the young bucks at T-Mobile say Trinity, from The Matrix! Today, I could really channel that Trinity being, so I’m go with the young buck’s perspective.  I’m going to do this Trinity thing.  Yeah.  Let’s do this.

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