Rachael D. MuellerI use physics-based equations to describe oceans circulation and its influence on earth system processes.  My Ph.D. work highlights the importance of tide-topography interactions on Antarctic ice sheet mass loss in the Weddell Sea using results from the Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS).  Currently, I am investigating oil spill risks in the Salish Sea using the SalishSeaCast ocean circulation model and the MOHID oil spill model.  This work is for a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of British Columbia that is being supervised by Prof. Susan Allen.  We are collaborating with the research teams of Profs. Stephanie Chang (UBC) and Haibo Niu (Dalhousie) to create an integrated research platform based on physical science, computational engineering, and social science.  My goal is to help create the information necessary to inform good decision-making.

My interest in oceanography took hold while sailing on and exploring the oceans as a child.  Being on the water enlivens me and piques my scientific curiosity unlike anything else.  This innate curiosity fuels my scientific inquiry while math allows me to apply this curiosity in a meaningful and fulfilling way. When I am not doing science, I enjoy parenting, sailing, qigong, yoga, being in nature, cooking, and seeking ways to continually improve my and other people’s experience of living life on this planet, together.  

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